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Meet Our Founder

Jennifer Achu

Jennifer Achu

Founder/CEO JAchu Ventures

Jennifer Achu is a visionary leader with a passion for creativity and community growth. With a wealth of experience and a dynamic personality, she has the skills and expertise to help small businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of the business world and establish a credible brand.

She is the founder of the Miss Africa Texas Scholarship Pageant, which has provided multiple scholarships to young women in Texas for over a decade. As a former beauty queen and accomplished public speaker, she excels at networking, communication, and building relationships. She has also served as a campaign ambassador for Frisco’s  Mayor and is a community leader with strong connections both locally and internationally.

Jennifer is deeply committed to giving back to her community. As described in an article from Star Local Media, she has “found many ways to give back to the community” through her work with the Frisco Inclusion Committee, the City of Frisco Urban Forestry Board, and the Frisco Education Foundation. Her dedication to serving others is a testament to her character and her passion for making a positive impact.

In addition to her scholarship pageant and community work, she has a background in nursing and holds a degree from Labouré College of Healthcare in Boston, Massachusetts. She currently serves as an ambassador of the Frisco Inclusion Committee and is a member of the City of Frisco Urban Forestry Board and an advisory board member of the Frisco Education Foundation.

Jennifer Achu is proud of her many years of dedication to nursing and the profession of caring for others.  She has worked for the most prestigious healthcare systems in America.  Jennifer loved caring for her patients but as the years passed, she became burned out from the drudgery of the paperwork, employers’ regulations, and just the overall bureaucracy.  Jennifer believed there must be a better way.  She wanted to continue nursing but avoid the onerous schedules, travel time to hospitals or medical facilities, and avoid oppressive demands from her employers.

Jennifer developed a new way of nursing.  She can care for her patients at her pace and avoid all the large organizational hassles.  And, Jennifer is earning more money.  She has developed a strategy that provides her with more personal freedom and earning power.  

With this newfound freedom, Jennifer has more time with her twin boys, increased her level of involvement with several nonprofits that are her passion, and wants to teach other nurses her methods.  Just like Jennifer cares for her ailing patients, she wants to care for other nurses to help them discover their full potential.